Where sustainability and art meet

Sustainability is one the main pillars of Waves from Ceylon, that’s why I take care of every single detail of my prints life cycle. From the creative process, printing, packaging, transportation until the end of its lifetime.

Made in Spain

Waves From Ceylon is based in Spain, where the prints are created and printed out, at a printing house that has a FSC® certification.

Paper from forests that are responsible managed

The FSC® certification (Forest Stewardship Council) is a certification system that guarantees the materials and products proceed from forests that are managed with responsibility.

100% recycled and recyclable paper

Waves From Ceylon illustrations are printed out on paper that is 100% recycled and, of course, 100% recyclable. The same applies to the envelopes we use for shipment. Please, when the life cycle of your print or its packaging is over, take it to the closest recycling point so it can have a new life.

Environmentally friendly

I use ink with vegetable basis instead of mineral basis in order to avoid the use of petroleum, a nonrenewable resource.

The printing house I work with also uses printing plates without polluting chemical process.

0 paper waste

In order to avoid paper waste, paper sheets are optimized making the most of its space.

Constantly educating ourselves and evolving

I truly believe in building a better world with everyone’s effort. I try to do my best while developing my project and be as transparent as possible. I’m always open to listen and learn from others, if you have any suggestion or concern about my environmental policies, please get in touch with me.